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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-Sep-02 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Across the Great Divide (Kate Wolf)
Subject: ADD: Across the Great Divide (Kate Wolf)
Aw, I think we oughta have this one posted. I really like the recordings of this song by Kate Wolf and Nanci Griffith. These lyrics are taken from the site Masato linked to. I think you can also find them at
-Joe Offer-

Across the Great Divide
(Kate Wolf)

A                D    A
I've been walking in my sleep
         F#m                         D
Counting troubles 'stead of counting sheep
          A                  F#m
Where the years went I can't say
       D             E                A
I just turned around and they've gone away

A                D          A
I've been sifting through the layers
         F#m             D
Of dusty books and faded papers
            A               F#m
They tell a story I used to know
                   D       E       A
And it was one that happened so long ago

                A                D    A
Chorus:         It's gone away in yesterday
                      F#m                        D
                Now I find myself on the mountainside
                         A      E       F#m   A
                Where the rivers change direction
                D         E       A
                Across the Great Divide

A                D    A
Now, I heard the owl a-callin'
       F#m             D
Softly as the night was fallin'
       A                F#m
With a question and I replied
         D    E               A
But he's gone across the borderline


A                   D      A
The finest hour that I have seen
       F#m               D
Is the one that comes between
            A                      F#m
The edge of night and the break of day
             D       E       A
It's when the darkness rolls away

Chorus Twice

Online recording available at, but I didn't find lyrics at the official site.