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Posted By: GUEST,Fred Miller
24-Aug-02 - 09:47 PM
Thread Name: Need to learn to play leads
Subject: RE: Need to learn to play leads.....
Hi guys, I really don't know how to suggest licks, without knowing the feel of the tune. But I do think what you're doing now, Lane, tinkering around, is good and profitable, even if it doesn't feel so great. It's good but uncomfortable to push on into what you don't know, easy not to.

I've never been able to work much with C-flat's scale for Emaj--I know of it, I understand the dom7 note in it, but not the flat 3rd unless I bend it. I probably don't understand or identify with the idiom well. I'd usually use the same scale up the neck at c#, starting on the 9th fret, for a minor sound in that key. And I use the flat third there, but only in certain ways that feel right. Go figure.

The only thing I can suggest is to try as many kinds of sounds as you can, while you find licks, from muted staccato notes, to a big fat 'rest stroke' lingering kind of tone. Pick close to the bridge, far over the soundhole. I don't really understand licks, I ought to admit. The tone you take with a few notes may make it work, as a lick, or not, as a few distracting notes. Speaking of tone, I bet I sometimes sound condescending when I'm talking about something that I know, a bit, but am still learning. So I might be using someone else as an opportunity to lecture myself.