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Posted By: Ferrara
24-Aug-02 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs

My brochure is purely in the imaginary stage right now. This works for me, actually, since I'm trying on various layouts and approaches, mentally.

The fall craft show season is about to be upon us, and I have made NOTHING since April (Bill is going strong though and says we'll be OK); I have a teensy part time job as manager for data entry, renewals and membership cards for the Folklore Society of Greater Washington (FSGW) and I'm struggling to keep up with it; I'm program chair for the FSGW Getaway; and I volunteered to place the ads for one of our craft shows, which I have never done before. (Good experience though, and it will help Bill's sales if the ads are good.)

And, my energy is limited.

SO, movement on the music project is slow. I'm thinking of next spring -- or maybe I should try to get some gigs for Christmas music.

I AM moving on it though. Today's project is a result of the "How Many Songs Memorized" thread. Haven't actualy seen the thread but Bill commented on it, and just-for-fun today I'm making a list of songs I know. I figure it will be helpful when and if I start doing gigs, and certainly useful at sing-around parties.

Not too many so far though, only about 230 songs. BUT, I'm only counting songs where I know most of the verses. So haven't counted something like "Till We Meet Again," where I just know the chorus. Not sure if this restriction is a good idea however. My experience is that people are very happy to hear even the chorus of a familiar song most of the time. Actually I think songs where I just know one verse should be OK, like "I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen."

Bill keeps reminding me of more songs. It's fun. I guess I should look at the song lists in these threads. For example, I just remembered "Danny Boy," which is one I've known for many years. I'm sure I'd spot others. Genie, I believe Bill said you have a repertoire of close to a 1000 songs. That doesn't surprise me given the things you've said in these nursing home threads.

Anyway Marion, you are much farther down the road on this than I am.

I keep thinking I need a demo CD, but maybe not. I agree with Genie that a CD is better than an audition, but maybe I could go ahead and line up a couple of gigs by auditioning. Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh! Scary! My hands will freeze and my fingerpicks will fall off and I'll make a perfect jackass of myself, I just know it!!!!

... Sorry. Just had to let it out. That's the kind of feelings that come up when I think of actually getting out there and lining up some gigs.