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Posted By: Marion
24-Aug-02 - 03:32 PM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs
I was wondering - do you often meet other musicians who are also specialists in seniors' programs, and if so, under what circumstances do you meet them? I'd like to have friendly relations with the local competition so that we can exchange local tips (like what's the Toronto Stephanie's name?) and refer ADs to each other if we can't take a job. But unlike the club scene, it seems like one performer isn't likely to hear others' shows, nor would you see bands advertised on telephone poles.

PS to Genie: your bullet points show up as Ys with two lines through them on my computers most of the time. The post where you said there was a computer SNAFU is the one time it did show up normally as a little circle. Just for your information.

PS to Rita: I don't think photos copy very well, and I'd like to be able to photocopy my flyers instead of having them printed. A drawing would be better, but I've been asking around and haven't found anyone who knows how to draw yet... anyway, how's your brochure coming along?

PPS to Genie and all: I've been thinking that we need a new Mudcat expression: SNAFPU, meaning "Situation normal: all folk processed up." Do you like it?