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Posted By: Venthony
21-Aug-02 - 10:28 PM
Thread Name: Really Good, Unknown Guitarists
Subject: RE: Really Good, Unknown Guitarists
guest, forefingers:

Comer is VERY MUCH a wag. He is also a heck of a player. A thoroghgoing pro with a great three-fingered picking technique.

re: mtn. view -- It is indeed in the U.S., and you'd be surprised how much better everyone plays sober.

Besides, dry is the way most of Stone County seems to want it, so it seems to me that their liquor laws ought to be their business.

And -- from my own purely personal perspective --something wonderful and magical will be lost when the inevitable happens, and the courthouse square turns into one more liquored-up spring break PAR-TY.

Why must the availability of alcohol be a hallmark of sophistication? I grew up in a dry county m'self, and I don't know that I missed anything.

Now then, later on, in college, people tell me I missed quite a lot. ... But, oh hell -- I'm so ashamed, I'm just so ashamed.

Best wishes, Tony