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Posted By: NicoleC
12-Aug-02 - 12:42 PM
Thread Name: TECH: How long do CDRs last?
Subject: RE: TECH: How long do CDRs last?
Hey misophist,

Magnetic tapes are notoriously unreliable, in a large part because or the numerous types of materials used. (Backing material, type of metallic particles, binder, lubricant.) A cheap home cassette is toast in under 10 years; the very finest professional tapes under perfect storage conditions have an theoretical expectancy of about 50 years if the tape itself has absolutely no physical flaws.

But does it really matter if CD's last 100 years? We won't be be able to play them on existing equipment 100 years from now. The only solution is to do what archivists do, and refresh the media periodically with new copies; retaining the old ones if possible. With digital media, at least the loss of quality when copying is extremely low.