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Posted By: Mr Red
12-Aug-02 - 11:02 AM
Thread Name: TECH: How long do CDRs last?
Subject: RE: TECH: How long do CDRs last?
IN the early days of CD'r there was a lot of talk of the Gold coloured disks being a better bet. It was found that the varnish on silver ones was liable to etch the aluminium (aluminum for the US catters) whereas gold was was virtually impervious. THEN it was revealed that commercial CD's also suffered - particulalry early ones and cheap ones. They have sorted it but on which brands of CDR is not going to be clear - buy brand names is my advice. I intended archiving all the Pagemaker, Graphics and PDF I am creating - 30 Meg of PDF - 420 pages - and most of the text has survived 10 years on floppy in PM4 guise and was copied from 360K floppies in CPM format then