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Posted By: musicmick
09-Aug-02 - 03:49 AM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs
Of course, a professional agent will not work for what he/she could make from commisions from your nursing home jobs. There are two alternative solutions you might try. You could find a theatrical agency that would be willing to place your name on their list of artists that they call for jobs. These agents would not be your representatives, per se, but they would be a source of jobs and, incidently, a buffer between you and the client. As I have mentioned, I work with half a dozen different agents who call me with varying frequency. Two agencies deal with the senior market, which includes nursing homes, retirement communities and religious orginizations. If Seattle doesn't have agents who operate in well defined areas (and I'll bet they are there), you will have to deal with general theatrical agencies (You will find them listed in the Yellow Pages and see their advertizements in local publications classified under "Entertainment".) OR you can find someone among your aquaintence who might like to get into the entertainment field but lacks the talent or the nerve to perform. The world is filled with people who see performing as glamourous and exciting. Come to think of it, I am one of those people. Making a responsible friend your spokesperson is a good idea. You will appear more professional to the clients if you are represented.