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Posted By: Genie
06-Aug-02 - 12:22 AM
Thread Name: When should you be paid for performing?
Subject: RE: When should you be paid for performing?
Anyone who thinks that musicians (and other "artists") are the only ones who enjoy (at least some aspects of) their work should hear attorneys, college professors, and MDs talk to each other (and sometimes other people) when they are "off duty." (In my former life as a college prof, it used to be hard to get us academic types NOT to "talk shop" at parties!) As David L. said, it's not the music (or the lecturing or the advice giving, etc.) that professionals want to be paid for, it's all the other hard work and expense that enables you to "perform."

As some of you know from other threads, my main professional arena is music for senior citizen facilities (including nursing homes) -- an area where there is a lot of expectation that musicians will perform free, as an act of charity. One thing I tell folks if they ever question my charging fees to these facilities is this:
If I did not charge for these programs, I would have to take a "real job" to support myself-- and I would probably not be free to sing and play for these homes at 10:00AM on Monday or 2:00 PM on Friday, etc." (I use the "real job" term only jokingly, but most people get the picture. Many amateurs are excellent musicians, but they probably can't or won't be available for a lot of gigs, and they probably can't or won't take the time to learn the repertoire that many paid musicians can and will.) There is a lot more to "playing music than just "playing."