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Posted By: musicmick
04-Aug-02 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: When should you be paid for performing?
Subject: RE: When should you be paid for performing?
This is not a problem for professional performers. Those of us who sing for our suppers know that charging one venue and not charging another is unethical and bad business practice. A performer who doesn't see himself as eminently qualified is never going to be a pro and should not worry about other people supporting his hobby. I dont mean to sound heartless but what the hell is the problem here? If you are, essentially, an amateur, sing where you like and if you get some money for it, take it and be happy. You are not taking jobs from professionals when you take the money (or when you dont). The realities of the business define who is and who is not professional. I love amateur performers. They are the backbone of folk venue audiences. They are my best audience, my most critical audience. They keep me from getting rusty and stale. Their performance experiences give them a sophistication that allows and appreciates subtlty. But, they are not my competition, although many amateurs are as gifted as professionals. The difference between us is attitude and focus. I'll be giving a workshop on "Working an Audience" at the Philadelphia Folk Festival this month. This subject will, surely, come up. I will use some ideas from this thread in the discussion.

Mike Miller