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Posted By: alanabit
03-Aug-02 - 07:23 AM
Thread Name: What's the difference between calypso and reggae?
Subject: RE: What's the diff btwn calypso and reggae?
A fair question Mousethief - and like you - I am shocked by some of the rude and spiteful replies. Better musicians will answer your question than I, but I believe the answer essentially lies in the way the accents are played in a four/four rhythm. As far as I can make out, the third beat of a calypso is stressed. "Hey Mr.TALLyman,Tally my baNAnas" is an example which comes to mind. I am one of the least expert musicians on Mudcat, but I believe that reggae musicians stress the first and third. It's a fair question which I might have asked myself if I'd had the bottle. I'm sure we'll get an erudite answer. Bad manners are not necessarily a sign of good musicianship!