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Posted By: JenEllen
29-Jul-02 - 04:42 PM
Thread Name: Pacific NW 'Catter Gather: PART THREE
Subject: RE: Pacific NW 'Catter Gather: PART THREE
Great news, Lane. And you are right, Mudjack is a heckuva guy.

Yeah, Genie. I left that whole thing whole, from the spider all the way through to Roller Derby Queen.... There really wasn't any way to split it up without losing some serious grins! *g* And somehow I knew MMario would enjoy it (hey, he dug the alphabet song, why not the itsy bitsy spider?)

Earlier I'd posted:
Same deal as last time. If you want a copy of it, send Max a donation and PM me your address, I'll send you a copy.

So to the folks that have sent PM's and e-mails about getting a recording, keep in mind I have the kindest of hearts when I say this, but I couldn't give a rat's ass about your financial details, or Max/Mudcat's either for that matter. Mudcat Honor System in play. You can send him something, anything, nothing, whatever you think is fair, doesn't matter. I don't have the time or inclination to check up on everyone, all I really need is a snail-mail address to send music too, okay? After all, this is folk music, and not the IRS... *g*

Paws crossed, the next batch will go out in the post later this week. Thanks to all for their patience too.