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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
29-Jul-02 - 07:30 AM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs
Hi, Genie, Mike and Marion: It took awhile, but I'm glad that we see each other clearly and appreciate what each of us does. In the long run, I'm just pleased that we're all going into nursing homes. Mike and Genie have a lot of good suggestions, which I don't as I'm not trying to get a paying gig out of nursing homes (I'm perfectly happy to ask for as much as traffic will allow in most other circustances though, so I am not necessarily altruistic.) I also realize that it costs money to play music. I've invested quite a bit in sound equipment, and appreciate the jobs that pay well to help offset that investment. Also, when I play with my quartet, a couple of the guys may have to give up the opportunity to earn money in other ways in order to come and play for nothing. That happens infrequently enough that they encourage me to get "bookings" as often as I can. And, having played folk music for pay so many years, I realize that bookings are often not much more than a break-even proposition even when you are paid. I especially appreciate what you've done, Mike, because I know that you are trying to make a living doing what you love, and that you bring an enormous amount of pleasure to other people with very little compensation. I commented once that "in folk music, there is no such thing as a career move." And it's true. It's a profession that only those who really love the music and performing would choose. The more you can get paid, the better. I also have found from experience that because I volunteer somewhere doesn't mean that the church or nursing home won't pay someone else. I have never felt that I'm taking work away from other musicians and I could give countless examples of places where I've sung for a fund-raiser where they hired someone else to do a program later. I don't have regrets. I get my paying jobs at places where they have volunteers, too. If anyone thinks that most musicians are in it for the money, they should be instituionalized.

I think I'll bow out here... good luck to all of you. :-)