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Posted By: musicmick
29-Jul-02 - 01:57 AM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs
Jerry, the name of the thread is Getting Nursing Home Gigs which, I assume, means paying jobs. As you dont seek paying jobs, my comments dont apply to you. Also, the term, amateur, is not a judgement of talent or ability. It means, literally, one who acts for the love of the activity. Those of us who perform for our suppers have chosen a field that, in general, is not as high paying or secure as others. We stay with our music careers because we love what we do, we do it well and we enjoy joy of expression and fulfillment that performing provides. We put up with many hassles trying to establish our businesses. We deal with low pay, slow play and clients who think we should get no pay. We are in a constant search for work. We dont get health benefits, we dont get retirement plans. We have little or no protection from clients who cancel at the last minute or who double book. Now, I am well established (I;ve been in this business for forty years) but the majority of the Mudcatters who are reading this thread are trying to make a niche for thenselves and, for them and for you, may I remind you of the out-of-work actor who decides to jump off a bridge and he meets a despondent prostitute who is also bent on suicide. He sums up their troubles saying, "Here we are, members of two noble professions, destroyed by amatuers."