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Posted By: musicmick
27-Jul-02 - 01:18 AM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs
Nursing homes DO have a budget for entertainment. They all do, no matter what they tell you. I have been performing at these facilities for decades and I am paid for my work, as are every other service provider that the nursing home uses. They pay their electricians, their plumbers, their therapists, their nursing staffs and their utilities. My service is no less valuable or worthy. I suggest that your service should be seen as having real value and that you stop selling yourselves and your performances short. If you do music for pleasure, do as you will but if you have aspirations of singing for money, you must not give away the product that you are trying to sell. It's just bad business. I am not concerned that your playing for free costs me jobs or lowers my fees. I get enough work at the fees that are truely standard in the industry (Generally, in the $85 to $150 range, more for holidays). Obviously, the longer you stay in the field the better known you become and the fees reflect reputation. As Mooh said, we are covering the hows and wheres of nursing home jobs in a seperate thread, but I wanted to make one thing very, very clear. THEY HAVE THE BUDGET. THEY HAVE THE MONEY. OTHER PERFORMERS ARE GETTING PAID. LOTS OF OTHER PERFORMERS. (Names on request)