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Posted By: open mike
26-Jul-02 - 12:53 AM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs
i did play for an alzheimer's facility once where there was a gate with a number key pad lock in order to get out you had to perform simple math problems according to a formula posted by the gate--i got the wrong answer and needed help getting out! ouch! nothing like a captive audience... i just got 2 messages today about 2 rest homes who were inquiring about my "services" to entertain the will be cool in there on those hot august days when i have scheduled performances....usually mornings the folks are more alert.....that seems to be the best time. that and holidays as even if you don't get money, there might be some goodies-- cake, celebrate with!! the levels of care are different from different faciclties.. some are independant living places where the people are more "with it" some times you can inspire a reaction from the "clients" or residents at assisted living facility, but get used to looking out at a sea of nodding heads and closed eyes if you are performiong for an audience in a "nursing" home, as some have very short attention spans, and many may fall asleep in their wheel chairs. be prepared to stay optimistic and "up"! sometimes a tapping toe may bethe most energetic respomseaperson can give--be careful if they try to get up and do a jig- it may be dangerous to their health!!