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Posted By: Night Owl
03-May-99 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: Songs and Tunes for Autoharp?
Subject: RE: Songs and Tunes for Autoharp?
harpgirl...I just realized that I know nothing about "Sweet Fern's origins....I have been playing the song forever and ass-u-med it was done by Maybelle Carter because of the style I learned. Remembered today that I've never heard it recorded and learned it from an autoharp player at a festival years ago. I also tend to improvise words due to poor memory the following is not gospel!!!!

"Springtime is coming sweet lonesome fern
Your echo in the woodland I hear
Down in the meadow so lonesome your singing
And the moonlight is shining so clear
But I know he's away
In a far distant land
A land that's over the sea
So fly to him singing
Your sweet little song
And tell him to come home to me.

Sweet fern (sweet fern)
Sweet fern (sweet fern)
Oh tell me is my darlin still true
Sweet fern (sweet fern)
Sweet fern (sweet fern)
I'll be just as happy as new."

Whoops....brain drain...can't remember the next verse ..and I don't have time now to ask the autoharp for the rest!! (I was just checking on Catspaw before going to work and...well, know....just had to check this thread). Curious myself to know the song's history and author. And then there's also...."Storms Are On The Ocean"; "Simple Gifts"; "Hobo's Lullabye"; "O Come Angel Band"; "Pack Up Your Sorrows" ( Sorrows is FUN on the Autoharp with a Carter picking style!!)All of which are my favorites to play...and....and....and....!!!!