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Posted By: Barry Finn
17-Jun-02 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: Mystic Sea Song Fest 2002
Subject: RE: Mystic Sea Song Fest 2002
Whew, "wasn't that a time". Have to agree with Abby the Barrouallie Whalers were the highlight of the festival. The highlight for me was to be asked to join them on stage for their final song along with the J-Girls (whom I always look forward to seeing) & with Ken Schatz leading "Wake Her, Shake Her" ("Poor Old Man"). Next is meeting up with Roger Abrahams, a real nice & friendly guy. Got to talking about collections from the Georgia Sea Islands. Abby, I finally keep good on my promise to you. Talked a good bit to Roger about my thoughts on the same raw tapes you sent me way back.The whaler's weren't all that along, Liam's Sis took them out on a shopping spree & they were in fine company when they were singing in the late evening
Everyone was sounding real fine & meeting up again with them all was just as fine. It was real nice to hang with Wotcha, Chanteyranger (who both sounded great at the late night sings), Charlie, Dan & Bonnie (always somekind of a treat them), Gina who, along with the rest of Shipping News (Eric & Paula), did themselves a real proud performence in joining in on stage at the final concert (have never known them to do less). Hi Rita, nice to see you you & Bill again, not enough time though, not like the Getaway. Hey Pelrad, no bother about your kids, they're only getting some practice in to make ready for they're time, good to see you about again (no Seagoddess, what's up with that?). Got to see alot of others around, Vixen, Dick, Susan, nice to meet up with EBarnacle, finally met up with Madame Gashee (sp.?), (a Baggywrinkle wonder) she's a real pleasure (Oh,Oh. I mean that in a most honorable way Terry). Deb C always is in top form & another one of those real nice pleasureable people. Great to see & hear Dan & Joyce McLeod, they're both a loveable ball of joy & energy, Greg B who's another treat (it's about time you showed your face around here again), along with all the Mystic Men (who have always somehow managed to pull off the finast kind of festival) & Windlass 1, I didn't know you were around & about the Mudcat (glad you are), thanks for the big bear hug, it was real nice of you. Enough already, don't want to start putting people to sleep here. Is it to soon to be looking forward to next year.