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Posted By: Abby Sale
11-Jun-02 - 09:52 PM
Thread Name: Mystic Sea Song Fest 2002
Subject: RE: Mystic Sea Song Fest 2002
:-) Arr, I'm the only Abby Sale there is. (At least many people hope so.) I shudder at the thought of name badges but maybe they have a purpose... I am sorry I didn't get to at least say hello to many people. Greg, I regret to say I was at Trader Jack's, too. With considerable trepidation I sang a whole song there. But I couldn't let D-Day pass without without singing "Dodgers." The "Happy!" file would never have forgiven me. (I did explain that it qualified as a sea song as the soldiers very likely sang it while being shipped home. Well...)

As to the YTB letting in occasional outsiders, I'll admit they do but the security check is pretty severe. (I do agree with the principle of offering a haven for the performers.) Happens that Posen is one of our oldest friends, but we've only seen once in 30 years. To have a moment, he said to meet him at the YTB. The armed marine guard wouldn't let us pass, though. Just then Killen comes up and I said Hey, tell them we're with you. He did so at great length and with gusts of force. The guard, now brandishing grenades and bayonets asked Killen if he had a pass, himself and if he had a guest pass for us (spouse, Tinker & me). So I said, ok, please tell Shelley Posen we won't be comming in so he won't worry. Who's Posen says the guard (now locking and loading.) I said well then, please tell Carthy in there (whom we've also been close to most of 4 decades) to tell Posen. Who's Carthy, says the guard (now taking aim and lining up the grenade launcher to catch Spouse, Killen and me in one shot.) Finally the guard's mother speaks up and says to let us in. Oh? says I. Yes, says he. Well, says I, that's ok...I wouldn't want to force my way in and break any rules, you know. Please do enter here, says Mother. Oh, no, says I...I've never been one to break the rules - that's alright. PLEASE, says he. So we went in. We were most impressed at the gold tableware and the champagne and caviar and lobster lay-out for the performers. (We had to swear a loyalty oath and another to touch no food nor drink before finally passing through.)

Geez, this was a good festival. It does take a bit of effort to get there from Orlando but I'd rather have had that weekend than two weeks in Paris. Unfortunately, for certain reasons, we will be forced to attend again next year. You been warned.