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Posted By: Genie
04-Jun-02 - 02:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Merry Minuet (Kingston Trio/Harnick)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Minuet (Merry Minuet)
Actually, Joe, and Naemanson, if you know the tune, just fit those simple chords in where they sound right.

But here's how I play it.

They're (G)rioting in [Em]Africa - la la la (D)la la (G)la la
They're (C)starving [D7]in (G)Spain - (C)la la la (D)la la (G)la
There's (G)hurricanes in [Em]Florida - la la la (D)la la (G)la la
And (C)Texas (D)needs (G)rain - (C)la la la (D)la la (G)la

The (D)Whole world is [D7]festering with (G)unhappy souls
The (C)French hate the (G)Germans, the (A7)Germans hate the (D)Poles
I(D)talians hate [D7]Yugoslavs, South (G)Africans hate the Dutch
And (C) I don't like (D7)anybody very (G)much. (C) (D) (D7)(G)

But (G) we can be (C)tranquil and (A7)thankful and (D)proud
For (C) man's been en(G)dowed with a (A7)mushroom-shaped (D7)cloud
And (G)we know for (C)certain that (A7)some lovely (D)day
(C)Someone will set the (G)spark off
and (C)we will all be (D7)blown a(G)way -
la(G) (C)la (D)la la (D7)la (G)la

They're (G)rioting in [Em]Africa - la la la (D)la la (G)la la
There's (C)strige in [D7]I-(G)ran - (C)la la la (D)la la (G)la
What (G)nature doesn't [Em]do to us - la la la (D)la la (G)la la
Will be (C)done by our (D7)fellow (G)Man
(End with gawdawful dissonant 'chord'.)

The chords in sqared brackets -- e.g., [Em]--are optional. You can also use C, D, G, and A with no 7ths if you prefer, of course.