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04-Jun-02 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: More Online Concerts!
Subject: RE: More Online Concerts!

Wednesday, Jun 5, 2002, Blue Moon Cowgirls
Blue Moon Cowgirls bring a refreshing approach to country music with a repertoire raging from the 1920's Appalachia to the 1990's California.

Friday, Jun 7, 2002, Karen Ashbrook, Paul Oorts, Maggie Sansone
A Traveller's Dream: Celtic Explorations features Maggie Sansone— hammered dulcimer; Karen Ashbrook—Irish flute; Guy George—saxophone; Paul Oorts—guitar; and Jesse Winch—percussion.

Saturday, Jun 8, 2002, Eric Ross
Eric Ross, American composer and electronic musician, performs in a multimedia concert featuring the theramin, with video and computer art by his wife, Mary Ross.

Sunday, Jun 9, 2002, Beatle Jazz
Acoustic trio Beatle Jazz revives well-known Beatles songs with their inventive original arrangements and jazz improvisations.

Thursday, Jun 13, 2002, Stuart Weber
Stuart Weber, classical guitarist, has performed with acclaimed flamenco guitarist Rene Heredia, and was featured in the documentary of Robert Redford's The Horse Whisperer.

Friday, Jun 14, 2002, Shout 'n Feel It
Shout'n'Feel It specializes in swing dances from the 1920's to 1940's— the Charleston, the Big Apple, the Lindy Hop and the Jitterbug.

Saturday, Jun 15, 2002, The Greater Canton Men's Chorus
The Greater Canton Men's Chorus presents a varied repertoire of nearly 100 selections in the traditional manner of Welsh Male choirs of the British Isles.

Sunday, Jun 16, 2002, The Madison Ensemble
The Madison Ensembles String Quartet, featuring Patricia A. Smith, has performed at the White House, the National Gallery, and with the National Symphony Orchestra.

Monday, Jun 17, 2002, Lousie Taylor, Greg Trooper
Guitarists/songwriters Greg Trooper and Lousie Taylor, contemporary interpreters of American blues and roots styles, perform in this Writers Night.

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2002, Pantasia
Pantasia, a steel drum ensemble, performs a wide variety of music with a "south seas" air, from calypso to classical.

Wednesday, Jun 19, 2002, Karl and the Country Dutchmen
Karl and the Country Dutchmen bring flavor of Dixieland, ragtime, pop and country to German-American Polka music.

Monday, Jun 24, 2002, Alice Ripley
Tony-nominated actress Alice Ripley, appearing in the Sondheim Celebration as Amy in Company, performs "suburban folk" from her solo release Everything's Fine, ranging from piano tunes to guitar rock.

Wednesday, Jun 26, 2002, Vazimba Mozika, Ricky Randimbiarison
Ricky Randimbiarison, singer and composer, and Vazimba Mozika perform traditional Malagasy music and vakojazzana, a mixture of vako-drazana folk and jazz.

Friday, Jun 28, 2002, Donald Knaack
Donald Knaack, "the Junkman," composes for and performs on a variety of found materials. Selections from his Grammy nominated CD Junk Music were used by Twyla Tharp in her new work for the American Ballet Theatre.

Sunday, Jun 30, 2002, Karen Henderson Sextet
The Karen Henderson Sextet has performed at Washington area jazz clubs Blues Alley, the Cellar Door, Charlie's Georgetown, and Anton's 1201 Club.