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Posted By: Philippa
19-Apr-99 - 06:19 PM
Thread Name: Two Sisters, a' Bhean Eudach, Horpa
Subject: Two Sisters, a' Bhean Eudach, Horpa
The three songs in the subject heading all feature one woman drowning another because of jealousy. There are several versions of the Two Sisters (also called Binnorie) in the DT database which you can access at Mudcat. You'll find an Irish version of a' Bhean Eudach (the jealous woman)at an Bhean Udaí Thall thread.
REQUEST 1) Horta is a Norwegian song in the same vein. I'm requesting lyrics and translation (at least a summary)and information on available recordings (the internet lists at least one by Ingevorg Liestol on Heilo records; does anyone import Heilo to the UK. Pádraigín Ní Ullacháin says she heard the song from Agnes Buen Garnos, but doesn't mention any recording)
REQUEST 2) How related are these songs? In The Two Sisters, told in the third person, one sister is jealous of the other who is betrothed to wed. The jealous sister pushes the other sister into a river and refuses her pleas for help. In some versions, a miller finds the body and makes a harp of it. The harp than sings the story of the murder.
In the Gaelic song (a' bhean ud thall, a' bhean eudach, a' bhean iadach, bean mhic a' mhaoir, bean mhic a' tsaoir, thig am bàta), the two women are not sisters, one woman is married with children, and the jealous woman drowns her in the sea by knotting her hair to the seaweed. Sometimes the method of drowning is only made explicit in the accompanying story. the song is in the first person, and the accompanying story explains that the jealous woman's guilt is discovered when she sings the song as a lullaby to the dead woman's child.
Does anyone know of examples in which the English and (Scottish/Irish) Gaelic songs are closer in detail? For instance a Gaelic version in which the two women are clearly sisters or with the harp motif?
3) Haven't heard from BobbyBob in Ellen Vannin for a while. Any Manx versions of this song?