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Posted By: Celtic Soul
25-May-02 - 02:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: the funny business of names
Subject: RE: BS: the funny business of names
I met a woman working at a McDonalds who's name was "Barbara Jean Rabbitt" (Not Bernadette). She did go by "Bunny", however.

I knew a girl named "Rosa Mendoza" growing up.

I heard about a family with the last name Hogg, who named 2 of their kids "Ima" and "Ura".

My honey read in the Dogbert Newsletter about 2 girls who's Mothers decided to name them "Latrine" and "Ampersand"...because they "sounded pretty" (evidentally not caring about what the words meant).

The rest may or may not be urban legends, but they're funny.

I think my eldest sister told me about this one: Someone named their girl "Rhia". Their last name was "Dia". Which aint bad until you're in school and they call you last name first.

My honey heard a story about a man working at a DMV (where they get to see all sorts of names). He had to call the next person to his window, but he was very hesitant to say the name over the loudspeaker. Finally, he just went ahead and called out "Will Mr. Shithead Jones please come to window #(whatever)?"

When the gent shows up, he is obviously distressed, and says "That's pronounced Shathayed!!"