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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
10-May-02 - 10:27 PM
Thread Name: Recording Software
Subject: RE: Help: Recording Software
Hmmmm - I took my Music Match Jukebox and recorded a few songs into it. Took a few tries to get the volume how I wanted it. Now mind you I can't lay a track down and then add one to it - but I recorded it as an mp3. I have a little 4 channel Micro Mixer and used one for the vocal mic, one for the guitar mic, one for the electrics in my guitar, and then rehearsed until it was as good as it gets. Then - just like a cheapo tape recorder - hit record and recorded it. I have a great latitude for adjustment of sound levels but have to get it all right at the same time. (Yes Amos - That is how you received what I did.) Then I went to my Windows Media Player and transferred them to a CD. It automatically converted the files to .wav and put them on the CD. I just finished my first home recording.

The implication for me is that Windows XP converts the files back and forth for me as I ask for them to be placed elsewhere. Dangdest thing to hear myself coming out of my stereo.

Now Sunday me, Charlie, and Irv are going to play with Cakewalk Home Studio and see what we can do. That ought to be a fun thing - like running the hundred yard dash while trying to pick the guy next to you's . . . . ahhh we'll do our best *BG*

Steve (slightly dumbfounded)