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Posted By: JohnInKansas
04-May-02 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: Recording Software
Subject: RE: Help: Recording Software
I've had no significant problems keeping my S.O.'s Win2000 up and working, and frankly find it easier to work "compatibility" issues on her Win2K than on my own Win98 machine. My experience is probably different because, for business reasons, we stick mostly to mainstream programs and accessories.

I would not consider going back to Win95, and Win98 users should be sure to have Win98-Second Edition. It makes a big difference.

I'm not sure, right now, whether my "new machine" would be Win2K or XP, but the "handwriting is on the wall." Both Win2K and WinXP incorporate capabilities that are not available in Win98 and earlier. Software that uses the new capabilities will not be compatible with Win98.

Micro$oft has always made a reasonably conscientious effort to maintain "backward compatibility," and it has hurt the performance of every "new generation" of software. It will be very difficult to continue this philosphy.

While it's pure speculation, I will predict that a whole lot of stuff is going to come out very soon that will do new things we'll eventually find "necessary," and that will require Win2K or WinXP to run.

This is not an immediate threat to people who intend to "keep on keeping on" with what they've got, but anyone with an urge, or a need, to "do better," is going to need to step up.

I've said before, if you got your op system preinstalled with a new machine, it's a beta copy. Hopefully, things will be more "stable" by the time I'm forced to change - but the time will come -- soon. Those of you fighting to find the bugs (especially in XP) -- thanks!