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Posted By: sledge
29-Apr-02 - 03:44 AM
Thread Name: Help: Sea-faring songs go Oilfield??
Subject: RE: Help: Sea-faring songs go Oilfield??
Seeing this got me thinking, I've been in the oil business now for 11 years and I've never come across any musical side to a working rig either on or offshore. I've worked with quite a few different nationalities around the world and there seems to be a complete lack of it.

This might be explained by the fact that a 12 hour shift on the rig floor can be very tiring and seeing as most crews work a minimum two week tour, then the end of the day means a shower , a meal and then sleep. Music being met by the ubiquitous walkman. A shanty was also most often a work song, sung to aid hard labour, on a rig these days most heavy work is machinery assisted, it is also loud so a lot of communal singing would be drowned out by the rig engines and lifting gear. Finally when working the rig floor you need your wits about you, and singing would be a dangerous distraction, it is no surprise to me that men who work the floor can often be seen with the odd missing finger, or bit of finger from a moments inattention.