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Posted By: Miken
27-Apr-02 - 11:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking Update
Subject: RE: BS: No Smoking Update
Amergin, Nutty, Mrs.C----My greatest respect and congratulations for hanging in there. I remember how difficult it was for me. What helped: Deep breaths when the craving came on, increased exercise, lots of water as already mentioned, and keeping in mind all the things I hated about smoking. Lost both my parents to emphysema during the last three years; they were heavy smokers all their lives, and it's sad that when I remember their final months of life I see them with green plastic oxygen tubing in their noses. After I quit I gradually discovered I had been allergic to tobacco smoke for years, still am, and will go to great lengths to avoid it. Smoking in public Wa. State is prohibited - even within 30 feet of the entrances, but I've learned to hold my breath leaving the building I work in due to smokers right outside the door.Arrrgh! ( Glad to get that off my chest!) But the best to all of you. Over time you'll reap the rewards for your hard work, and I'll be thinking of you. This is serious stuff. Thirty-two years away from a two packs and a half a day------Mike (Hmmm, there's a song in there somewhere)