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Posted By: JudeL
27-Apr-02 - 07:04 AM
Thread Name: Child's Game: Elastics
Subject: RE: BS: Elastics
Some of the 'lastics games got progressively more difficult in one move I remember you had to hook up the bit nearest you with your feet as you jumped over the one furthest away making a triangle, then turn as you jumped to face one of the pair who were holding it with their ankles forming a diamond, jump around to face the other one of the pair without letting the elastic go, then jump up deliberately letting the elastic go and landing with one foot on each of the lines. There was a couple of rhymes that went with both this and another pattern, one was something about "going over the ocean, and what do I see" and had something about catching fish but after all this time I can't remember what. One skipping rhyme I remember was :
I'm a little bubble car,
my number's forty eight,
I live around the cooooooooorner,(at which point, with the rope still being swung you'd jump out run around one of those swinging the rope and jump back in)
and I forgot to shut the gate. (you were supposed to time it so on the word gate you deliberately jumped to land with one foot either side of the rope trapping it)