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Posted By: CapriUni
24-Apr-02 - 01:19 PM
Thread Name: So, what became of the lyre?
Subject: RE: So, what became of the lyre?
That's okay, Ian, it's a mistake we all make from time to time, especially in long posts (and I do have a "babbling gene" ;-)). Anyway, do you know any minstrals/musicians who've built and play the lyre?

Masato -- thanks for the links to the "Harp" of David (beautiful instruments, but way out of my price range) and the CD's. When I translate the page and figure out how to order one, I will. It's good to know that the instrument hasn't gone the way of Latin just yet.

I wasn't asking about tuning and such for myself (I have about as much mechanical musical ability as a drunken daddy-long-legs), but just citing the fact that there is hardly any discussion of the lyre as an instrument of choice, compared to the harp, guitar, and banjo, and I was wondering why.