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Posted By: robinia
24-Apr-02 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Three Nights and a Sunday (Matt McGinn)
Subject: Lyr Add: THREE NIGHTS AND A SUNDAY (Matt McGinn)
Can anyone help me with a lyric gap and some info on a song that I have on tape (simply labeled "from the Northeast of Scotland")? It goes:

There's a fella doon the road that I avoid.
He’s one of them they call the unemployed.
He says it's all because of me,
He canna get a job, cause I've got three.

CHO: Three nights and a Sunday double time. 2x
I work all day and I work all night.
To hell with you, Jack. I'm all right.
Three nights and a Sunday double time.

They've went and introduced a new machine.
Noo it's two men where they once had seventeen.
The machine does the work of four[teen?] you see.
I do the work of the other three, three nights...

The wife come to the work the ither day.
Says she, “we've another wee 'un on the way.”
I says, “Nae wonder ye can laugh.
I've no been hame for a year and a half, ...”

Another ... ... Friday night
There you will always find me gay and bright.
You’ll see me in the Auld Bay Horse [inn name? or is that mentioned in the first line?],
I'm a weekend waiter there of course ...

Some will head for heaven when they die,
And find the great doon pillow [?] in the sky.
But I'll be going to the other place.
An idle life I couldna face...

I also wish I knew who wrote this song. Any help out there?

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