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Posted By: robinia
24-Apr-02 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Three Nights and a Sunday (Matt McGinn)
Subject: Lyr Add: THREE NIGHTS AND A SUNDAY (Matt McGinn)
Can anyone help me with a lyric gap and some info on a song that I have on tape (simply labeled "from the Northeast of Scotland")? It goes:

CHORUS: Three nights and a Sunday double time.
Three nights and a Sunday double time.
I work all day and I work all night.
To hell wi' you, Jack; I'm all right.
Three nights and a Sunday double time.

There's a fella doon the road that I avoid.
He's one o' them they call the unemployed.
He says it's all because o' me,
He cannae get a job when I've got three.

[They've went and introduced a new machine.
Noo it's two men where they once had seventeen.
The machine does the work of four[teen?] you see.
I do the work of the other three, three nights...]*

The wife came to the work the ither day.
Says she, "We've another wee 'un on the way."
Says I: "Nae wonder you can laugh.
I've no been hame for a year and a half."

Now, I never miss the pub on a Friday night
And there you'll always find me gay and bright.
Ye'll see me doon in the Auld Bay Horse
I'm a weekend waiter there, of course.

Now there's some'll head for heaven when they die,
Tae find the Dunlo pillow in the sky.
But I'll be going to the other place.
An idle life I couldnae face.

I also wish I knew who wrote this song. Any help out there?

* All the verses but this one are on the album "Matt McGinn Again" (1967)