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Posted By: Anahootz
23-Apr-02 - 10:05 PM
Thread Name: Help: Why not paint a guitar?
Subject: RE: Help: Why not paint a guitar?
Damn, that reminds me of a great story, but I can't remember the "famous line" guy...At any rate, there was a jam going on at a festival, and a well-known mandolin player had the dubious honor of being sandwiched by rank amateurs, one with a mediocre banjo and even more mediocre talent. At some point during the jam, the banjo hack lurched to his feet with a look of horror on his face and exclaimed "SHIT, There's a big spider in my Banjo! Somebody kill it!"

Without missing a beat, the WKMP (well known mandolin player, whose name I have forgotten) says "Just keep playing like that and you will."

We now return you to your previously uncreeping thread.