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Posted By: catspaw49
22-Apr-02 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Proposed solution to Guest/Troll problem
Subject: RE: BS: Proposed solution to Guest/Troll problem
A few of us kicked that idea around a bit awhile back, but Wyzzy, I LOVE your name....or at least "The S.O.S. Thread".......I think it'd be good as a permathread myself with the editor assuring that posts will stay at least two weeks except in cases of direct attacks where the usual procedure is to dump that stuff anyway. At two weeks the editor clears the thread of shinola and it keeps going.

Anytime a troller starts up in the usual favorites, someone or one and all link to the SOS thread as means of comment.....and NOT comment on the troll/flame thread. Works for me! And the trolls could yell censorship or whatever, but as long as the info was clearly stated going in, who cares. Others could rant on and on about the troll threads or whatever, and the trolls could rant....but THEIR thread would get no response short of the SOS link.....Be fun to try anyway!!