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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
22-Apr-02 - 07:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Proposed solution to Guest/Troll problem
Subject: RE: BS: Proposed solution to Guest/Troll problem
It's got a certain mad internal imagery though, hasn't it?:

Bans are added to the bot's internal ban list...
They may also be added ... by the bot response to a flood)...
A ban ...may optionally be 'sticky'.

After a while there's a certain pleasure to be taken in the spiralling illogic of some of these navel studying threads. I mean especially the people who persistently crop up complaining about threads that aren't about music, when they clearly spend a lot of their time reading and contributing to these threads.

My own view is that I wish it was not possible to post as GUEST without a pseudonym or number, however temporary. This wouldn't interfere with anyone's wish to be someone else or a faceless puzzle or whatever turns them on, and would make it easier for the rest of us at times. But since it hasn't happened I imagine there's some difficulty in incorporating that minimal requirement.

They come and they go, and it's not worth getting in a state about it. I suspect that the number of people who make life unpleasant for us at any time is pretty small, maybe only one or two. Sooner or later they get bored with boring.

Like troublesome insects, the way to keep them buzzing around is to try to swat them. (And an insecticide would probably end up killing the ladybirds and butterflies as well.)