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Posted By: GUEST,.gargoyle
21-Apr-02 - 09:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Proposed solution to Guest/Troll problem
Subject: RE: BS: Proposed solution to Guest/Troll problem
The "lifeguards" are here - their seats are up high.... out of the pool, and they go un-noticed except by the troubled in need of assistance and the bullies who are sent up to the deck for a time-out.

The truly "trollish" are threashed out with the chaff. The MudCat is a safe haven on the net.

Nothing is permited that is not within the perameters set by the governing bodies. (Oh it may be posted - for a brief while - but the truly offensive are pulled)

Enjoy.... the MC is a safe-play-ground.

I've had perhaps, two of my posts pulled. Interesting.... concept A mirrored site - "the UnCensored mudcat" a collection of cached pages .... only the comments that were expunged from the official record are posted. Easy, yes. Copyright infringment, yes. But which is the pot and which is the kettle?

Thanks for letting me hang around