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Posted By: Sandy Paton
07-Apr-99 - 03:31 AM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's pseudonym
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's pseudonym
Rick (and you, too, Catspaw):

I was afraid Catspaw was making an oblique reference to an obscure antique LP that "John (not Jon)" happened to mention in a personal note to me awhile back. I might as well confess. Forty years ago I made a record for Elektra that was titled The Many Sides of Sandy Paton. The cover photo, taken by George Pickow (Jean Ritchie's husband) was a clever multiple exposure of my radiant countenance in several different manifestations - Irishy, Scottishy, and more or less myself in the requisite plaid shirt of the 50s folkie. The album was made shortly after I had returned from a year in England and Scotland and contained much material that I had absorbed while collecting there. I am now awfully embarrassed by the singing. I sound like a painfully self-conscious Richard Dyer-Bennett with an accent as artificial and unconvincing as that hokey southern/Okie drawl assumed by a famous musical Minnesotan whom most of you admire tremendously. (Ain't my subtlety impressive?) Freddy Hellerman provided additional guitar on some of the cuts, and I was too innocent and, frankly, nervous to question his choice of chords, style, etc. I've tried for years to forget the entire episode.

Hence, I thought that ol' Catspaw was stirring up something he had found buried in his litterbox when he referred to "the other side," or whatever. The guy must just be psychic!

Sandy (older and, hopefully, wiser)