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Posted By: Celtic Soul
29-Mar-02 - 09:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: What's your favourite brew/beer?
Subject: RE: BS: What's your favourite brew/beer?
Dunno if this one has been mentioned yet, but...

Traquier Ale. But good luck finding the stuff. I paid $20.00 for a bottle 20 years ago, and the thing was numbered.

However...for accesible beers, Mackesons triple stout. I am still a devotee of Guinness, but there is something about a stout that does not allow light to pass through it that enchants me.

I hold a Petes Wicked Stout up to a pub light, and I see the light, it's fixture, and likely the picture on the wall next to it.

I hold up a Guinness, and I see a warm red dot of light.

I hold up a Mackesons, and there's nothing. Pitch black, and nothing esle...and I am talking about Mackesons in a clear pint glass here. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And for anyone traveling to the Washington DC area, there is a *very* good spot to try the worlds ales, beers, lagers and stouts. The Brickskellar. It's on P street very near the Rock Creek Parkway.

But if you want good music too, there's the Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton. The pub fare is great, the beers more unusual than most places, and there's much in live performance as well as some sessions and of course, the infamous Shanty Sings where anyone can stand and offer a song.