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Posted By: The Walrus
28-Mar-02 - 09:01 PM
Thread Name: german marches
Subject: RE: german marches

".... I appreciate the music sheet, but the sounds! This is not a funeral march, but written for the usual cadence of 114 steps per minute, and should be played faster...."

114 paces per min might be usual now, but when was "Under the Double Eagle" written? Remember that before the 1850s, most armies moved at nearer to 80 paces per min (and with a stiffer motion, on the ball of the foot, in what has been described as a "half goose-step[1])which is why French Napoleonic marches sound so odd when played for "modern" march pasts (except when used by the Legion, who STILL march at 80 ppm).



[1] Even as late as 1914, recruits to the British army were initially trained at the "Slow march" pace and in this kind of step.