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Posted By: Zhenya
22-Feb-02 - 04:37 PM
Thread Name: Mountain dulcimer fingerpicks
Subject: RE: Mountain dulcimer fingerpicks
More interesting comments! Russ, thanks for taking the time to put all that down. When I play tunes with other people using the dulcimer, (fairly rarely) I'm just doing back-up chords, strummed or picked and not really trying to be heard individually. In terms of volume, I was just thinking about getting a sound I like when I'm singing myself or with a few friends.

I agree it helps to play with others who look kindly on the dulcimer and give you some sonic space. My own experience in occasionally bringing the dulcimer to an Irish session is that people either are fascinated with it and want to try it, or absolutely can't stand it. I have some trouble understanding that, as I think it sounds a fair amount like a bouzouki, which these same people seem to like. Oh well...

Spaw, I seem to recall that quote of kytrad's. Was that on a Mudcat thread, or did I read it in her dulcimer book which I have at home? (and perhaps should have consulted before I ever started this thread...but then maybe I wouldn't have gotten all these other interesting comments.)

I find myself usually in the middle ground with music in terms of keeping it "pure" or "experimenting" with the tradition. (while trying to still keep it sounding traditional.) I think I'm usually not a complete purist about it, but then I'll hear someone who sounds too non-traditional for my tastes, and go in the other direction. At any rate, I haven't really thought my view through clearly with regard to the dulcimer, but simply played what I enjoyed. I probably will still mostly do that, but the comments here have certainly given me food for thought on this issue. Zhenya