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Posted By: Sourdough
22-Feb-02 - 03:19 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Patriot Game
Subject: RE: Patriot Game
Greg Stephens and I seem to have had a common experience, being threatend to be punched in the face by Dominic Behan. In my case, it was not in a pub but in a theater. I was stage manager of a play called "The Connection" in New York. It was an underground hit and after it was discovered, for the next four years, almost every night it seems that there was at least one celebrity in the audience.

On this particular night, Rosemary, who was house manager, was taking tickets at the door that led from the lobby into the theater. A burly man with a cigar sticking straight out from his mouth was trying to get past her. The NYPD is very clear about smoking in theaters and letting him pass with his cigar was out of the question. When he refused to put out his cigar, Rosemary rang the buzzer for me. This was the equivalent of a "Hey, Rube" and I was out there in a moment. Rosemary was tough but she was outclassed by the size of this man and his fast mouth.

I got between him and the theater door before I recognized him. Although I had seen pictures of him, I think it was his voice that really gave him away. I had heard him being interviewed on the radio about his book, probably "Borstal Boy". Tonight, he was feeling pretty pugnacious but I am six two and a few years younger. He looked at me with some respect. He thought fir a moment about the various alternatives open to him and decided to comply with the NYPD fire regulations.

He actually agreed to put out his cigar. Then he asked me, and I quote, "What should I do with this cigar?". There was an awkward pause before we both laughed. He handed me the cigar and walked in to take his seat and see the play.