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Posted By: katlaughing
23-Mar-99 - 09:07 AM
Thread Name: Favorite Music Festivals
Subject: RE: Favorite Music Festivals

I've only been to one, too, and it was when I lived in your neck of the woods, in Mystic. In 1988, my daughters and I attended the whole week of the Northeast women's Musical Retreat and it was fan-effing-tastic!

Everyone camped out, we had druming camps, quiet camps, all-night party camps, and music going all of the time. Best of all, (NOI guys) for a whole week, it was only women, no men allowed except under five and so....we all ran around like nymphs and driads, bare as the day we were born or not, depending how comfortable a person was.

It was the first time in my life as a mother that I didn't feel like a mother and truly fully understood the "sisterhood" thing. I instantly had friends who were like moms to my girls and I had a real taste of what tribal life, with support and caring, could be like. I wrote my mother a letter, afterwards, and told her i thought what was wrong with our society was we'd gotten away from the extended family-close-by-tribal-type our detriment!

Don't know if they ever had another. I attended a couple of planning meetings in Hartford, but there was a lot of dissension in the ranks...some wanted to be totally separatists, others wanted to alow any wimmin, and they were having a hard time deciding on where to buy land with an endowment left to the org.

This was held up at the Boy Scout land, where there is a lake with cabins, up above where Foxwoods Casino was built. I'd heard the B.S. sold it to the Mashantuckets and they were going to build an amusement park up there. The whole thing they've done to the area up there makes me really sad. It used to be such a beautiful, lovely stroll of a drive.

I say the Pequots either became too much like the white man or they are laughing all the way to the bank while they take him for all he's worth!

This is a great idea for a thread! Thanks for starting it.