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Posted By: Jon Freeman
16-Feb-02 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: Mandolins
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
I don't know that particular make but there are quite a number of very playable mandolins in your price range. The biggest problem I have with the cheaper ones like the one you are considering is a lack of volume rather playability issues.

I went shopping in September last year and I picked a Vintage mandolin for 89. I find the neck is a little chunky on this one so maybe it's not the easiest one to learn on but it has got fantastic volume and tone - I can cut through in a session with pipes, fiddles etc. on it - sound wise, I think it would give many much higher priced instruments a good run for thier money!

The one I picked is a Vintage (a JHS brand) model shown here. I'm not sure whether it is a MD1 or and MD2 - the label in mine says MD1 but the JHS website calls mine the MD2 (mine is the larger bodied one).

Anyway, that was my recent experience. Bill Sables advice is very good, certainly take it if you can.

Oh and is the 69 mandolin on the web page I gave the same as the one you are looking at but with a different name?