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Posted By: Anahootz
13-Feb-02 - 01:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Let's waste some time....
Subject: RE: BS: Let's waste some time....
Mohandas K. Gandhi = Halfred Goodbody from Michel Delving

Lech Walesa = Bilbo Black from Hobbiton

Tony Blair = Peregrin Hilldweller from Sackville

Ronald Reagan = Ponto Gold from Dwaling

Woody Guthrie = Wilibald Gold from LongCleeve

And finally, a scene from a famous movie, forever altered in your collective memories:

Halfred Hedgeworth from Hobbiton: "Quick, we'll head them off at the pass!" Longo Gold from Frogmorton: "But Kemosabe! We won't catch them going the Paleface way!" Halfred Hedgeworth from Hobbiton: "You are right! Hi, Ho, Rufus Green from The Far Downs, AWAAAAAAAAAY!"