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Posted By: Barbara
18-Mar-99 - 01:15 AM
Thread Name: food songs
Subject: RE: food songs
The Hard Cheese of Old England has many puns, including one of my favorite food puns:
"Those Edam foreigners aren't worth cement
Though old Gorgonzola is known for his scent,
And his brother Emil wrote novels in French,
Singing oh, the hard cheese of old England
In old England very hard cheese.

Its something Wallace and Grommit would be proud of, and it's in the DT.

Catspaw, in the food as metaphor category, to go with your salmon mousse, "If girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, how come they smell like anchovies?"
There's a wonderful old blues about getting the griddle nice and hot and cooking em slow and easy in lots of butter to make your, uhm, ...pancakes! that's what it was, pancakes -- come out right.
There's also Guy Clark's 'A Little of Both' (on the same album, Keepers as Homegrown Tomatoes, what he also wrote). The chorus goes:
"Give me a bowl of chili
Give me milk and toast
As long as you're dishing it out, Lord,
I'll take a little of both."

Here's the first verse for free:
I like drinking whiskey
I like being straight
I like voodoo spinners
And I like live bait