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Posted By: catspaw49
30-Jan-02 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the Exxon Valdez disaster (1989)
Subject: RE: Words? Wreck of the Exxon Valdez?
The sleep deprivation thing came more from the Third not calling his relief since the man who was to relieve him had worked cargo all day while the ship was loaded. The Third "felt sorry" for him and decided not to call him. A major mistake, but one that I can't attribute to Hazelwood. Hazelwood had a few drinks earlier and whether he was drunk or not, he DID make a grievous error in judgement.....this one:

Hazelwood suggests that the Third should have done a better job and that the turn was "no big deal," etc. The fact is that the Hazelwood had elected to take the Valdez outside of the outbound lane to avoid ice and crossover into the other lane, which they subsequently passed through altogether, and put them on Bligh Reef. Hazelwood then went below to "do paperwork." Considering that they would be in the open ocean soon and there would be plenty of time for paperwork then, why would he elect to leave the bridge when they were not in the outbound lanes?

Had the Valdez been continuing along with no ice and in the outbound lane, I could almost see how leaving the watch and navigation orders for the Third may have been somewhat acceptable, but under the conditions the Valdez was traveling at that night, it was a stupid and disastrous thing to do.