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Posted By: catspaw49
15-Mar-99 - 02:44 AM
Thread Name: food songs
Subject: RE: food songs
Uh, that's like an interesting thought there Roger. I mean I have rarely if ever confused sex with a Hostess Ho-Ho...but sure, it could happen.

Perhaps if I were married to a woman that worked in a butcher shop, we might refer to it as carnal knowledge. I do remember one time I was on a diet and suddenly leaped out of bed and acreamed, "Christ, I gotta' have a bowl of cottage cheese!" When I returned, the girl was gone. Always figured that was her loss though, since I brought back two bowls. And then there was the confusion that one evening about the salmon mousse, but we got that cleared up and had a high old time. Women don't like to be compared to food in any way, even things that I consider complimentary. So I learned to stick to the tried and true metaphors, like, "Your eyes shine the pants on a blue serge suit."

But I'll keep on reading this thread in the hopes that I'll get some new ideas to use with Karen. We got lots of kids and damn near no time for us, so food HAS replaced sex in some I guess I do see your point.