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Posted By: Mick Lowe
13-Mar-99 - 09:04 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Working Man's Song
Subject: RE: working man's song
There's "millions" of working "persons" songs...
apart from "Working Man" & "Paddy & the Barrel.. aka the Sick Note.. written by Pat Cooksey & performed by everyone under the sun including yours truly)...
Just look at all the "fishing" songs.. e.g. Boys from Killybegs, 3 Score & Ten (very much an English song adopted by the Irish), Westering Home (a Scottish song adopted by the Irish)..The Old Polina ( A Scottish song adopted by the Canadians and then the Irish)...
Or perhaps my favourite adoptee.. Dublin Jack of All Trades, claimed by everyone as their own, from Glasgow down to Dover.
Or am I missing the point here and you were looking for songs with "work" in the title?
I still think the best "work" song is "Gold watch blues" by Woody Guthrie I think... only ever heard it done by Donovan.. neither of which were Irish to my knowledge..LOL..
Have a great Paddy's Day by the way..
All the best