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Posted By: SharonA
14-Jan-02 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: sliding into a depression
Subject: RE: BS: sliding into a depression
rd: There's lots of wonderful advice here! Let me add this thought: You may want to consider talking to your medical doctor not only for the reasons stated above, but also to make sure that your symptoms don't have a physical cause that you're not presently aware of. The sort of extreme lethargy you describe might be caused by any number of serious physical problems, including hypothyroidism, multiple schlerosis, lupus, heart disease, dare I say cancer... and more.

I have a couple of autoimmune diseases (lupus and sarcoidosis), and lethargy and depression are part of my everyday life. I once had a therapist who talked me into trying Paxil as a treatment, but it made me so tired and irritable that I couldn't function (driving a car was scary!!) so I finally dropped the Paxil and the therapist. For me, the pain-control meds and inhalers, plus Buspar, have done the trick. But I can tell you from over twenty years of experience that, with any problem that requires long-term medication, it is of the utmost importance that your condition be monitored and your medications adjusted and/or changed as necessary. This means working closely with your medical professionals, getting tested on a regular basis (blood work, X-rays, MRI's or whatever) and discussing alternatives to any pharmaceuticals that are not working for you. If you don't want to be on an anti-depressant, ask your doctor for treatment alternatives. If you feel that he or she isn't willing to explore those alternatives with you, look for another doctor who is.

A word of caution about the suggestion made above to seek religious counseling: be very sure, before you go into that counseling, that the counselor's belief system doesn't include the sort of dogma that will be more harmful than helpful to you. For instance, I stay far, far away from anyone from a church that preaches that God punishes sinners by striking them down with physical diseases!

As the song says, "We all need somebody to lean on" so don't hesitate to lean on the professionals whose job it is to keep you well and on an even keel, as well as on your friends in the 3D world and your supporters at Mudcat! We're pullin' for ya!