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Posted By: Bo Vandenberg
13-Jan-02 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: sliding into a depression
Subject: RE: BS: sliding into a depression
This can be a rotten time of year for everyone especially in northern hemisphere.

I have to say value, and find encouraging, all the above advice.

I don't believe enough people have mentioned wide spectrum light, either get out to be in the sun when its out or find yourself a SAD light. Its non invasive and they make a great work light.

Also realize that you have an important task that others don't think about or don't need to do. YOU have to take fight depression. This is not something like finding a parking spot or cleaning up the kitchen (although on a given day those achievements might be a source of joy) this is about lasting through the dark time with too little sun. It takes time and it is a war with many battles.

Promise very little and over achieve if possible rather than commit and dissapoint. Dissapointing people you love is really deadly when you are already depressed.

What Alanabit said about meeting your problems, and the people who steward them is very true. I know how tempting it is to hide from something you cant face but sometimes seeking the other people related to a fear isnt so much about the feared thing as the allies you can gain.

I find I feel much more capable at this time of year when I'm taking care of someone else. Try and find gracious thankful people to share tasks with. Their thankfulness will really help your sense of self. The more they care about your wellbeing the better.

Lastly let me appeal to your logic (this is what I try and remember for myself). If your problem is motivation you have to try NEW things and REVISIT things that WORKED before.

You have to do at least 2 things each day:
1. Help Yourself
No matter if you didnt help yourself yesterday or before. You have a personal value that deserves investment. If you saw a $1000 lying in a hole would you pick it up? YOU personally are worth far more than a $1000. Pick yourself up everyday!
2. Succeed at something. Do something to recognise your own value.