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13-Jan-02 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: sliding into a depression
Subject: RE: BS: sliding into a depression
Amen to the insulin comparison! Every time I've thought "I can do fine w/o the meds" I've been shown how dumb an idea [for me] that is! I'm thankful for the meds- life is too precious to sleep away or numb away. And if you, like I used to, have friends who say "depression is not real" or "if you wanted to, you could get off those meds" or [here's the biggy] "if you'd just trust God more", etc., GET NEW FRIENDS!!! There's so much ignorance out there! [I trust God to give me wisdom to take the meds!]

And turn off the TV! If you weren't already depressed, watching it would make you so. T