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Posted By: GUEST,rd
12-Jan-02 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: sliding into a depression
Subject: RE: BS: sliding into a depression
You guys are brilliant, much thanks to each of you. You're right about keeping on keeping on, not trying to do EVERYTHING - but set small acheivable tasks to keep up the momentum -chipping away. The Salami technique - the whole thing is impossible but one slice at a time is a breeze. Definitely no Richard Thompson ! Having been off anti-depressants a year I'm hoping I'll get through this patch, but it's useful to know there's a fall back position ! I wanted to (gradually) came off them as I don't like taking any meds, they had some side-effects but also I was wary of the attitude of employers, post-Allitt, though personally I see them like vitamins - if you're low on iron/Vitamin C etc - you need a booster. I don't know if it was the experience of others of who took them - but I was getting "you're looking better" comments from people who didn't know about the meds both when I started and when I finished. Sadly, good advice about friends who are down. A friend (didn't mentioned above) is also very down - but I know he has other supports. At the moment I don't believe I could cope with him - risking hurting both of us. I'm new to this area, so mostly new friends, who have been great at talking about individual issues ( including almost the end of a relationship), but I'm wary of burdening them with the whole shebang'. I shall definitely try out the links soon ! Thank heavens (& Max the others) there's a back door into the cat. I shall keep this to hand for 'down times', which are inevitable, but not definitely the beginning of the end. I like the idea of trying something new - no expectations of trying to be 'good/better at ....'. Perhaps go to concerts/gigs more than sessions give myself a short rest from performing, although it's great to do a song - it's still pressure & trying to meet the expectations of others. 'Nuff wittering, Thanks again to everybody, & especially good luck to those of you who have experienced depression. Bon chance rd